Our Menu

from the chef

Small Bites

Cajun Loaded Fries $11.00

Glazed pork belly with crispy fries & cajun seasonings

Bourbon Street Mac & Cheese $12.00

Loaded mac & cheese with house seasonings and choice of protein(chicken, pork belly or shrimp)

Crispy Tenders $9.50

Crispy white-meat tenders

Catfish Beignet $12.00

Farm-raised catfish fried in special batter served with remoulade sauce

Sriracha Crunch Shrimp $12.00

Crunchy shrimp covered with sweet and spicy sriracha sauce

Entree Baskets

With Crispy Fries & Cole Slaw

Lamb Chops $22.00

Grilled lollipop lamb chops

Voodoo Shrimp & Grits

Cajun shrimp on top of a silky mound of buttery grits

Fried Catfish $16.00

Lightly battered catfish filets

Fried Shrimp $19.00

8 jumbo shrimp Each entrée comes w/ 2 sides

Crispy fried Chicken $15.00

Crispy white-meat tenders

Short Ribs $22.00

Slow roasted to perfection

Po Boy's/ Burgers

* Dressed with lettuce, onions, tomatoes&pickles atop a hoagie

Catfish Poboy $13.00

Crispy filet drizzled with remoulade sauce

Shrimp Poboy $14.00

Crispy shrimp drizzled with remoulade sauce

MiMi N'Awlins Chicken Poboy $11.00

Crispy white-meat

Black Bean Poboy $14.00

House recipe blackbean

Glazed Pulled Pork Poboy $14.00

Tender pork simmered in a NOLA rum & ginger cane syrup topped with a garlic aioli

Da' Big Easy Burger $14.00

ground chuck or turkey

Corned Beef Poboy $13.00

House seasoned

Grilled Cajun Sausage Poboy $14.00

Smoked sausage with grilled peppers

Soups & Gumbo

Homemade Shrimp and Sausage Cajun Gumbo

N'awlins Gumbo ($8/$11)

Shrimp, chicken, sausage, okra, celery & house seasonings over rice

Chicken Pasta Soup ($7/$10)

Chicken, house spices, vegetables & noodles

Red beans & Rice ($6/$8)

Red beans and smoked sausage over rice

Vegetarian Red beans & Rice ($5/$7)

Red beans over rice

Brush Fire Chili ($7/$10)



the Variety

Grandma's Mac & Cheese $8.00

Baked with 3 cheeses

Cornbread Fritter $5.00

Bits of fresh corn, jalapeño peppers & chives

Corn on the Cob $5.00

Deep fried

Cole Slaw $4.00

Crispy Fries $5.00

Onion Rings $5.00

Party Tray $50.00

Cajun pork belly fries, bourbon street mac and cheese, crispy tenders, catfish beignets & sriracha crunch shrimp


the Variety

Fruit cobbler $8.00

Rum Glazed Bread Pudding $8.00


Soft Drinks $3.00 (Coke Products)